Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Welcome to the Physical Therapy Business Builder show where we think EMR s**ks. We think that systems and software should actually grow your PT practice and improve your life, not consume it. 

Here, the only measure of success is a PT business that gives you the time that you want and the financial freedom to enjoy that time.

Today, what I want to talk about is word-of-mouth marketing. This is something, if you ask anyone, anywhere, the number one way. This is something that everyone will tell you flat out, if you've had a business, if you have an established business, the number one referral source that you have is your word-of-mouth marketing. 

But not many people actually do anything about it. They don't do anything to improve it. Word of mouth marketing the number one way that people get referrals. 

Anybody who has an established business, they will tell you this, but nobody really does anything about it. They just assume it's kind of part of the deal. It's just what I get.

Nobody really does much to actually improve this, trying to develop this or to create systems to automate this process so that you can get automated word-of-mouth referrals. What I want to talk about today is some of the ways that you can do that. This is a big process. This is something that takes a lot of work. 

Let me start out with a story about me. When I started out, I paid no attention to this. I thought that providing quality service was enough to get the word-of-mouth referrals. It was just something that happened magically, if I did a good job, people would talk to their doctor about me. 

And I would just have a word-of-mouth referrals that would grow and I didn't really have to worry about it. It was just something that happened. It didn't work out that way. Things went well at first then I had some rough times, and I didn't understand what was going on. 

I'm like, “How do I fix this? I'm in this mess. How do I get this better?” I started to dive in deep, like I really started looking at other industries.

I started on what other people were doing so that I can overcome my pain, the problem that I was having. These people coming in, I'm losing them. They're not coming back, they're not referring other people.

I'm trying to get them to the doctor, to talk to the doctor about me, and I’m not doing it right. I'm not identifying the right people to ask. I'm not asking the right people to refer to me. 

You have to develop systems on how to do this. That's what I want to do, I want to help you guys understand the thing that I sort of discovered I was really struggling with for a long time. That's this word-of-mouth referral. 

The first thing, you have to start to develop - this is all relationship stuff. Word-of-mouth referrals are all based upon relationships.

The stronger the relationship is with the other person, the more they like you, the more they're going to talk about, the more they're going to refer you, the more they’ll tell their friends about you, the more they're going to tell their doctor about you, and the more this thing is going to snowball for you.

First, you've got to start the relationship from first contact. On that first phone call, you need to discuss it. On that first phone call, you need a script, you need to discuss what is important to the other person, the reason they're coming, what they can expect from you, and what they're going to get from your. 

You need to really set this person's expectation up front and then you exceed the expectation. You set the expectation then you go above and beyond exceeding that expectation. When you exceed that expectation, then you start to develop this relationship and got a leverage relationship. 

The first step is starting to build the relationship. You have to start building the relationship from the first phone call. Don't wait until they get to your practice. You might find to lose them before they ever get there. 11% of them do get lost so start early. 

Second, you need to have a welcome sequence. You need to have text messages, emails, paperwork, whatever it might be - a welcome sequence that reaches out to the patient and tells them that you care, lets them know ahead of time what they should expect, tells them what they should expect after their first visit, reminds them what you already told them, and makes everything easy for them.

You need to have your reminders for your for your first visit. All kinds of systems that start to develop this relationship with the other person, number one is text script. You got to have it, got to use it, got to overcome objections, and got to practice overcoming objections.

One step to overcoming objections is knowing the other person's goal, what they really want. If you keep going back to what they want, it's easy to overcome an objection.

Number two, welcome sequences - emails, text messages - these things that are building relationships. Ask them also if they got your text message. Ask them if they got your email.

This starts to work magic because now they don't think that the email or text message were automated. If you ask them if they got it they think that it was really actually you going out of your way to do something nice to keep them in the loop. This is where you start to build relationships. 

Number three, you have to ask for the referral. If you don't ask for the referral, you're not going to get it 90% of the time, the 10% that you get that is organic is still going to be there. This is one of my big mistake was. I thought that 10% was all there was to word-of-mouth referrals.

You have to be able to ask people. First thing you need to know is who you should ask and who you shouldn't ask. If you ask the wrong person this is going to backfire. Not only will they not refer to you, it's off putting. They don't like it.

You need to be able to use at least one question that can dive into the head of the other person, accelerating and facilitating the word-of-mouth 100%. So the one question, you need to identify what is in the other person's head. You need to be able to tell if they liked you or not. 

Now you're asking the right person. If somebody is ecstatic about you and you ask them, they'll be overjoyed to go talk to their doctor about you, talk to their friends and family about you to really improve this relationship with you.  

Those are the three big ones. Intake script to welcome sequence and the big question. These are the first three things in the word-of-mouth referral. Those are the big three things that you need to do. These are the first three steps in the sequence.

For script, practice overcoming objections. First step to overcoming objections is knowing what their goals are. Keep swinging back around to their goals with every objection. 

Number two, a welcome sequence. You have to have this in your price book. Okay, if you if you need any of this and you want to talk about any of this, head on over to ptbusinessbuilder.com and you can book a call with me. We'll sit down, we'll talk about it. I will help you implement this in your system.

If you want this all automated, you go to aetasapp.com and you schedule a demo there. And I can show you how this is, how we have totally automated this system. You don't have to do any of this because this can be big, it could be overwhelming.

If you want to do it yourself with your DIY, I will help you with that if you want us to do it for you. That's what we do. 

The three things: script, welcome sequence, one question. 

The one question is a Net Promoter Score. You can read about it: it's how likely are you to refer a family or friend to us. That question will tell you what the other person's thinking if they want to refer to you or not. 

Never ask the wrong person. You always ask the right person. You always get the result that you're looking for. Because you've already predetermined, you already know that it's the right person to ask. You already know that they're going to do what you want.

They're going to give you the referral you want and they're going to give you the glowing recommendation you want, going to talk to their doctor about you. But they will only do it 90% of the time if you ask them. If you don't ask, they're not going to do it. 

Most people don't move unless you ask them to move. It's like having somebody on the phone call or on a live and not offering them what it is that you want to give them, and then wondering why they don't take it. 

Nobody's going to take something if you don't say, “Hey, I don't offer you the free phone call,” or “Hey, head on over to ptbusinessbuilder.com, schedule a phone call with me. We'll get on the phone, we'll talk about this. If you want this system and you want it automated, head on over at aetasapp.com and schedule a live demo. We can show you exactly how this can work. How we can grow your business by 30%.”

If I don't offer that to you, how will I ever expect you to go there? 

This one's exactly the same in your practice. If you don't offer this to somebody, they're not coming. If I don't ask you for the referral? Why are you going to refer to me? Why? Just because you like me.

You let them go away, you let them forget you. Within a month or two, they’ve forgotten about you. They don't think about you unless you brought up in conversation or somebody maybe brings up physical therapy, then they'll be, “Oh, I had a good experience somewhere.”

They're not actively seeking people out there because you let them forget you.

We've got to start this relationship early. The relationship with your practice has to start at the first phone call. You can even get a little bit ahead of that with your advertising and your marketing. 

You kind of put a little bit of out there ahead of time. But the real personal interaction best starts from the first phone call when they actually start to talk to somebody or start to talk to interface with somebody. That's when your business starts to build a relationship.

Welcome sequence reinforces the relationship. It reinforces the expectations and sets those expectations and allows you to exceed them. Exceeding them is delighting the customer that's going to send you more people. The one question identifies your happy customers so that you know who to ask for the referral. 

This isn't super complicated. If you want to learn more or if you want to ask me questions, you can head on the ptbusinessbuilder.com

Up in our upper left hand corner, there are three little buttons. If you're on your mobile, click on that. If you're on a computer, there's a “Book a Call with Ray”. We can sit down and talk about this. 

I can help you guys understand how to use this, how to implement this. If you want it automated, go to aetasapp.com. At the upper right hand corner, there's a red button “Free Demo”.

Thank you for checking out PT Business Builder, where we believe EMR s**ks, systems and software should actually improve your PT practice and improve your life, and where the only measure of success is a PT business that gives you the time that you want and the financial freedom to enjoy that time. 

Have a good one, everybody!

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