Want Huge Growth Both Personally and Professionally

Want Huge Growth Both Personally and Professionally

First, let's welcome everyone to the Physical Therapy Business Builders Show where we believe that EMRs suck, that systems and software should improve your life in your practice and not consume it, and here, the only measure of success is our systems and software that give you the financial freedom to enjoy your life and the time to do that.

Today, what I want to talk about the biggest thing that I have learned in recent years has been something that I read in a book a long time ago. I read old books from the 1700s and 1800s or might even have been older than that.

I can't even remember who was the author - I think it might have been Marcus Realist - but anyway, he was talking about growth and how it happens.

The biggest thing for me and for you all as well, let me start here: for a long time in my life, I blamed a lot of people for everything that happened. I had this habit when something would go wrong, I would look for somebody else to pawn the blame off on could have been me.

It had to be somebody else. I always didn't want to be the one that was wrong. I don't think we ever like it. No one ever likes.

I mean, how many of you out there have been off and who likes feeling wrong, feeling like you were wrong, you were the one who made the mistake, or you were the one who was at fault?

A lot of times, we avoid this. We find other scapegoats. Anything can make it so that it's not our fault and all societies pushing that way like nothing is your fault.

It's the way you are. It's other people out to get you. It’s all these Boogie men that are out there.

And every story that you tell yourself is the story that holds you back. Every time you tell yourself a story, that it's someone else's fault, the only person that it harms is you. The most empowering thing that you can do in your life is accept responsibility for everything that goes wrong.

Let me repeat that, the most empowering thing you can do in your entire life - I mean everything - is accept responsibility.

Something goes wrong, accept that it's your fault. Take it 100% on your shoulders.

In your business, this is huge. Every time something goes wrong, find a way with your staff to make it your fault. Let them save face, make it your fault. On the other end, if something goes right, goes well find a way to give them the credit.

If you want to create a team of people that follows you and a culture of people that follows you, the biggest thing is assuming that you are the one who screwed up and assuming that everyone else is who did things right.

When you assume something is your fault, no matter how ridiculous it is, you start looking for the role that you played in the problem. There is a role, and you had some effect on this situation.

If there is something that you can fix, this problem now becomes within your control and you're not hapless in this. It's something that you can control and something that you can set up. You can get systems for this to make sure that this never ever happens again.

The first step in that and the most empowering step that you can take in your entire life is assuming that fault.

I know other people are like this. How many have you done this?

Just in a situation, just dead set that it's the other person. And then you slow down and you look and you see that you did play a role in it.

Maybe you didn't handle the situation to the best of your ability. Maybe you didn't identify a negative personality trait on the other person before.

You bear some portion of the burden for this. And the biggest thing you can do for yourself and for your business is figure out in everything that goes wrong in the role that you play. Because you play a role.

If you find your fault in it and you assume responsibility for the disaster or the problem that happened, now you can fix it. If it's somebody else's fault, you're absolutely powerless. It's all on them.

There's nothing you could do. There's nothing that you could have done differently. There's nothing that you could change, which is never, ever the case.

You're always at fault. There's always some portion of the problem that rests on your shoulders.

Realizing that it rests on your shoulders is the biggest leverage point that you have in the world, because you can affect a change in that thing that allows you to change everything. You can change that end result guys by accepting responsibility for everything that has gone wrong.

Even if it seems ridiculous, assume responsibility for it. Take the blame. Assume the fault is yours. If you assume the fault is yours, you can go about changing that.

You can take a long hard look at yourself and say, “Okay, what did I do wrong here?. How can I fix that thing that I did wrong to make sure that this never happens in my business, in my personal life, anywhere ever again.”

And the empowering moment? The empowering moment is the moment of fault. The second that you accept it is the biggest step to fixing the problem.

I can't even tell you how big I've screwed up on this in the past. This has been a really hard one for me. I always want to assume that I'm right. And the best thing that I've ever done is assuming that I'm wrong.

Assume that you're wrong. Look at what you're doing. Find the fault that you bear in it and go about fixing it. If you start fixing that on yourself, then the culture of your entire business and your entire life will change.

Because now the other person is free from responsibility. So now, they're going to throw themselves under the bus just like you and say, “Well, no. Look, I did play a role in these things.”

They might fight you on. They might butt heads with you and say, “Oh well, you know this happened or that happened. They'll happen.”

As soon as you say that something is your fault. You'll find other people throwing themselves under the bus right along with you.

I can't even tell you how big of a culture change that happened a couple years ago in my practice when I started telling everybody that everything's my fault.

I looked at documentation, documentation time, all of this stuff which was horrible. And I had blamed the EMRs and then I realized it's my fault. It's my fault.

What are you doing? How are you fixing it? You look at other people and you wag your finger at them and tell them this is what you should be doing.

As soon as I realized that it was my fault, I wasn't hapless with it. I wasn't sitting here going, “Well, this sucks. There's nothing I can do. These people are ruining my life.”

No. I took charge of my own life.

I started booking, working at this and I found that when I started blaming myself for documentation, other people wanted to come to help. They wanted to come help me. They saw that I was struggling with this and they said, “You know what? I'm in this boat, too. How can I help you fix your problem?”

That's where this whole journey started for me. And that's how I got to where I am. That's how you're going to get to where you want to go.

Assume the biggest problem you have in your life. Look at it and say to yourself, “That is my fault. I have screwed this up.” Then and only then can we look at this and start to change it.

Can you start to affect the change in your own world and in the world of everyone else around you?

The first step is accepting responsibility. Accept responsibility for things. Assume that everything in this world that goes wrong is your fault. It's the most empowering thing you can do, because if it's your fault, then it's within your power to change.

Personally and professionally, if you get nothing else from this group this year, I hope that's what your takeaway is. I hope that's what you get. I hope that the thing that sticks with you from this group is just and always assume fault, because it will empower you.

It will take you to places that you didn't think you can go. You can achieve things that you didn't think is possible because you let yourself just like I did. I did this forever. I assumed that something was everybody else's fault.

As soon as I accepted responsibility, I said, “Well, now if it's my fault, can I fix it? It's totally within my power to fix this.”

That is it for this short webinar. I hope that you guys have been able to take something away from this. If this hits home with you, just let me know guys. I would love to hear what you guys think.

I would love to continue in sharing and cultivating this conversation in trying to help everybody in the group grow. The only professional growth that can happen within your life is after personal growth. The only growth that can happen for you in your life professionally is after you make personal growth.

Personal growth is the precursor for the perfect growth.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself is accept responsibility. Accept responsibility for everything, even for things that you think aren't your fault. Accept that. Put it on your shoulders. Look for the role that you play in it, and then go about fixing it.

If you accept personal responsibility for everything, even as ridiculous as it might seem,

it empowers you. Now you can change it. If something is your fault, then you can fix it. Even if it's a small piece of this gigantic puzzle.

You can fix the small piece. When you start fixing the small piece, other people see you doing something and see you trying and accepting fault, they will accept fault themselves and they will start working.

I've seen it happen for me. I know that it can happen for everybody in this group. I know what can happen for you guys.

If you accept responsibility and you blame yourself, everyone else will come to be magnanimous and say that it's not your fault, that they bear some portion of the blame in this, and they'll get to work with you. It's just amazing.

Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate everybody in this group.

I value you guys. I value your time. I value you guys checking in, and I look forward to the next time.

Thanks for checking in guys. I hope everybody has a great day. We will see you guys. Have a good one, everyone.

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