This One Trick Will Double Your PT Business In a Year

This One Trick Will Double Your PT Business In a Year

There's a way that you can double your practice in 12 months. Wherever you are now, you can double your numbers in 12 months. What I'm going to talk about today is your eval no show rate. 

According to WebPT stats, 11% of your people are actually eval no show. They'll go on a schedule, but they never come for that first visit. They go away. 

This is why your first phone call and your front end script is so huge. Your follow-ups after that first phone call are huge. If we can cut that 11% in half, we can get 5% of the 89% remaining. It's 6.1%. 

If we do an amortization - you invest in something at 6% interest in 12 years, your money doubles. You invest 6% a year, but that's on an annual basis. The life cycle of your patient isn't one year, the life cycle of your patient is one month.

In one month, you can turn that over. If that 6% then gives you another 6%, this becomes compounding. In 12 years, your money doubles, you'll have twice as many patients. That's an APR or annual percentage rate.

This percentage rate is actually monthly because the life cycle a patient isn't a year but a month. In one year, just by implementing a script, overcoming objections, and doing that follow-up after that first phone call, you can actually increase your practice. 

You can double your patient volume in one year by fixing your eval no show rate by 5.5% improvement. You can double the size of your practice. You can put twice as many people in your clinic. 

The Trick? Implementing A Script at the Front End

This has been honestly a struggle for me, talking to people like, “Hey, I want you guys to implement this script on the front end.” “Oh, it's going to take five minutes longer.” If you have five new evals a week at five minutes, that’s 25 minutes a week. 

By putting in 25 minutes a week, you can double your practice in a year. This is a huge leverage point. If you want to talk about this, I would love to discuss this with people about the script. 

You need to be implementing a script with your front office. It's your cheapest person that we're asking for the 25 minutes out of. Your receptionist is generally the cheapest person in your entire operation, and you're not leveraging them. 

You don't have to do anything. No new marketing, no new ad spin - you don't have to learn anything new. All you have to do is teach this person a script. Teach them how to overcome objections and double your business in 12 months. 

If that's not doing anything for you, I don’t have anything for you. Because if you don't want to double your business with next to no work, I got nothing. There's nothing else to say. You just pack it in right now. Quit, move on, and find something else that moves you more.

It's just incredible. Your eval no show rate is 11%. Just a 50% reduction in that doubles your business. Actually, it more than doubled your business, because we assumed 6% with a 6% increase on the 6%, but that's not the case. 

The statistics show that it's actually 20% of those people. 20% of that 6% will refer other people or come back themselves, which means that it's actually bigger. It won't even take a year. This is how this works. 

If you want to talk about this, if you guys want to learn about a script, or if you want to talk about implementing a script, please comment below. I would love to sit down and have a talk with some people about how they can implement a script, how they can take their business to that next level and beyond with minimal effort and minimal work. It doesn't get any easier than this. 


Most clinics say they wanted to play an email again, and they don't use the script. The front office is just an information-gathering thing. They come in and you get on the phone with people and they have a discussion with them. 

All they do is try to get their information. They want their name, their date of birth, their insurance, and figure out which slot they can put them in with what therapist. Then they wonder why 11% of them didn’t show up. 

Because you didn't give me any recent show. Now you use the script. You use your follow-up emails. You want to embed in those emails that video about your location and about everything. You’re reducing their fear, doubt, and uncertainty and you start to fix that number. 

That number starts to move, your practice starts to grow. Things start to explode. I'll talk to you about my script, how you can implement it, how you can learn to overcome objections and how you can turn that 11% into 5.5%, and literally double your business in 12 months, twice as many people in your practice.

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