One thing you need to run an amazing PT workshop

One thing you need to run an amazing PT workshop

Today, what I want to talk about is workshops.

The big thing with workshops is how to sequence things, how to get people there. Some things when you're getting ready to run a workshop. When you're getting ready to run your workshop, don't try to wing it. It's a bad idea. I tried it, it didn't go well.

You've got to practice this thing. Just don't wing it.

The most important thing that I've learned after doing a bunch is systems. You need to have systems for everything. Systems for your attraction to get the people there. Systems to how you ask your past patients to attend workshops or refer a family member or friend to the workshop. 

You need marketing systems on the front end. You've got to make sure that you're attracting these people the right way.

Marketing to patients outside (cold lead) and to your past patients. Your past patients are your biggest leverage point. These are the easiest people to get to refer to you. They're the low hanging fruit. So go get them!

You need confirmation systems. You need to confirm your attendees that they're coming. You need to let them know in this confirmation that if they don't respond that you're going to fill their spot up with somebody else. Limit the number of attendees that you have. Their confirmation is needed in order to be able to save their spot.

This creates a sense of urgency. Gets them to call you back! One of these calls should actually be in person, it should be somebody calling to confirm them for the workshop.

You need welcome systems. Whenever these people come and they actually show up for the workshop, you need to have systems of how are going to be greeted? Who's going to greet them? How are they going to greet them? We have somebody there that have tried to alert everybody to who the people's names are, it really helps. There's nothing like another human being’s name to engage them, to get them to come in with you. As much as possible, have somebody that uses your name.

You need presentation systems. General stuff for the presentation systems. You have to have something to offer. You've got to have something to give them. Educational stuff but don't get too specific. The truth of the matter is the patient doesn't care most of the time. They want to know what you're going to do. How you're going to fix them. Don't get too far into the weeds, you'll start to lose them. There's a saying if you confuse, you lose. It's true. If you confuse the people, they're going to be gone. In your presentation, make sure you have a handout (don't get too specific.) Don't make them feel like this is a pitch fest like and this is all about your thing.

Have you guys tried to new workshops? Do you have systems? What are your systems?

I recommend, have something to give them. Don't brand it too much. You can put your name and business name. This is meant to be free stuff that you're going to give away.

Where are you going to close these people in the workshop? It would be through the system that you have the demonstration.

You want to close people at different points. If somebody is in severe pain and they're ready to go whenever they show up, you want to give these people an opportunity right away to get on your schedule. And you have to have a minimum level offer. I recommend this. And don't just stop at our free screen.

We do fitness at my facility. We offer a Fit back Program. And at the end of the Fit Back Program, we give them a free consultation to see how they're doing after a month of work on their Fit Back Program. Our Fit Back Program is six to seven back workouts, general stuff, squats. Give them this Fit Back Program, some real general stuff, don't get specific.

After a month of coming, and they're still having some symptoms, you can close a lot of those people with the free screen. If they show up for our fit back consultation and we ask them if they're still having pain and if they're still having difficulties now, then you can close a percentage of them.

You never want to lose these people from your funnel.

You work really hard to get them into the workshop. You don't want to lose them. You want to keep going. You want to offer them a minimal level thing that you can actually get them into your practice at some level. It's really important that you do that.

Follow up systems. You need to follow up with these people. The very least you need to be using is email. Something to reach out to them. Something to engage these people. We use text messages, emails, ringless calls to voicemail that will reach out to them after and say, “Hey, thanks a lot for attending.” “Hey, it really meant a lot to me that you showed up.” “Hey, I was just wondering if you had any questions?” “Hey, sorry, if I missed you here, you know, just give me a call back if you get this.”

The big takeaway from this whole thing is you need systems.

They have to be repeatable. They have to be so that anyone on your staff, you can replace a staff member and pick right up where you left off. That is incredibly important.

Systems are everything. Make sure that you're running your systems. Make sure that you identify the systems at every level and split test them. Split test one system against another make sure that everything is running tight and in line.  And you'll really convert at a much higher level with your workshops.

If anyone has any questions, please say down below. 

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