Reflecting on a great trip and how it can help your PT business

Reflecting on a great trip and how it can help your PT business

I just want to hop on and share something that I’ve learned and hopefully, it can help somebody else. I had mixed results at our exhibitor in Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing. It surely was slightly smaller this time and things are a little bit slower.

In the best conversations that I had, I was wondering what I'm doing right and what I’m doing wrong. I had dinner with a friend of mine, David Bayliff. We sat down and we talked. He was telling me about what he was working on.

He’s going to speak at the SSPT live which is an awesome event. He told me that he wasn’t sure what he was going to talk about. Then he started telling me his story and I realized that that’s what he’s supposed to talk about as that’s what is going to reach and help people.

I realized that that’s kind of where I’m screwing up. I get so excited on telling people about what exactly I did. Your story is what connects you to people. It’s what brings them to you. It’s what endears them to you and makes them come back.

If any of you ever felt or seen this, feel free to share your story below.

I came back and I met a guy named Ryan who is also another exhibitor. He was kind enough to ask me if he can give me some advice. He said that I’m too close, that I’m trying to explain to everybody exactly what it is that I do that people don’t really care, and that they only care about what I can do for them.

You’ve got to connect with them and bring your story to them. Make them feel what you were feeling. That’s what the people buy.

At the end of this, the whole thing come in full circle. It really allowed me to see something that I’ve been working on and struggling with sometimes.

I wanted to come on here and talk to everybody about it. Hopefully, it reaches somebody else. The idea of sharing your story with somebody else is amazing. It brings people who don’t really know each other very well together. It endears you to one another.

That story is absolutely everything. Share your story. Share what it is and who you are. You’ll never know who is going to be touched, whose life is going to be affected, and who are you going to be able to help out.

When you tell people your story, they’re going to want to help you, be with you, and be a part of your story. They are going to want to share on that and it’s absolutely amazing.

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