How do you use NPS for your PT Business

How do you use NPS for your PT Business

Today, we are going to talk about Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Basically, the Net Promoter Score is a question: How likely are you to refer family or a friend to our business or our physical therapy practice, in this case, on a scale of zero to 10? 

We've all seen the question. However, everybody might not know what it is. 

There was a professor at Harvard who did a ton of research on this question for years. He broke this question down into segments. 

Those who responded from 9 to 10. These people love you like they're going to refer family and friends to you. They absolutely love your practice. They will talk about it. They will promote your business to other people. 

Seven or eight. They're like, “Well, I'll use you. But you're not my favorite person in the world.” If you ask them for a referral, it's actually off-putting. 

A six or below. You have a big problem. This person does not like your business. So it's important to use this question, these three big reasons.

#1 Identify your drop offs before they happen.

If somebody gives you a six, WebPT does some research and shows that visit number four is when you’re most likely to have a drop off. There’s different steps in the process, but that's the highest drop off point. During the third visit, we get this Net Promoter form.

How do you get NPS? You can do it a number of ways. You can do it through email. I have a free app that I give away and my paid app also has it fully integrated into it.

The free one is AetasNPS. That's our free app that we just give away for iPad only. 

It helps you identify drop offs before they happen. If they give you a six, you can sit down and talk to them and hopefully address some of their concerns ahead of time so that you can really dive into what actually is going on and what is making them drop off. 

You need to dive a little bit deeper. You need to figure out what else is going on that is creating the situation where this person really doesn't like your practice. The reason you need it is you need to identify drop offs before they happen.

#2 Google and Facebook reviews. 

We all want to get Google and Facebook reviews. Our Net Promoter lets us know which people we should ask. If you have a nine or ten on Net Promoter, this person loves you. 

Not only are they going to be willing to give you the review, they're actually going to give you a good one that you want. We don't want that 3-star review. It's not really helping you out at all. It's actually deterring. 

The more reviews you get, the higher you're going to pop up in people's SEOs. The more Facebook reviews, the cheaper it's going to be to do your advertising and the more organic reach you're going to have because Facebook wants to show people things they like, same with Google. 

They want to show people things that they like. If other people are saying that they like you, they're going to move you up the page. 

We've done awesome things, like literally get hundreds of Google reviews for free with our app. It's incredible.

#3 Marketing.

With this, you need to have enough information. Most of your email services - mine included, if you use it that way and I don’t recommend that you do - are not going to give you enough information. 

You send out emails. They have 35% open rate. You're doing great at 35%. You're ecstatic. Your marketing person is dancing around the room at 35-40%. 

Out of 35% of the people, how many people actually give you the promotion? Less than half of that. You're looking at 15% of the people actually sending that Net Promoter Score back to you. Only 15% of what is actually possible out there.

Then how many of those actually respond to the next email? Less than half again. By the time it's all said and done, you're looking at about 5-6% of your people who actually will give you this Facebook review. 

If you're going to market and grow your business, you need those Facebook reviews. In marketing, you can use your messaging. Your messaging is huge. 

Nines or tens - we're going to ask these people for a referral. A seven or eight - we don't want to ask them for a referral at all because they're actually going to start to drop off. A nine or 10 - you ask them to refer family and friends. They will be happy to. 

If you ask the seven or eight, subsequent net promotions actually drop. You do not want to ask the seven or eight for a referral because if you do, you're ruining the relationship between you and them that you're working so hard to build. 

That is a horrible thing, because you're spending so much effort, so much time, and so much money to get that right person to your practice and to nurture them all the way through your practice into this really healthy relationship. You don't want to lose them at the end.

What we're going to talk about in our marketing to a seven or eight is we're going to talk about improvements, changes, new things that we're doing, and new ways. We want to catch this person. We want to hook them back into our business.

The only problem is you need the information. Your emails are not going to work. You're not going to get enough information to actually turn this into a marketing machine. You get five or six - that’s not enough. Don’t even waste your time trying to do individualized marketing.

If you use the app, where you're getting 99% of your people to actually give you the feedback - now you can use it. Now you have enough information across the whole demographic of your clinic to target that message and to drill at home. 

If you want to know more about that, post in the comments below. I would be happy to help you guys out, to try to help you guys understand how I use this, and how potentially you can use this to help grow your business and grow your practice, get more people in the door, which is our ultimate goal.


Number one, identify drop offs before they happen.  You use this at the third visit. Identify people that are unhappy, hopefully talk to them address them. At the same time we use that to capture Facebook and Google reviews.

This is going to improve your SEO and your ranking on Facebook. It's going to drive more people to your practice by putting you up higher in the Google search. When somebody searches for you, they actually find you and you don't get buried behind other people. 

When I look at something and it's got five-star reviews, if one has like 10 five-star reviews or 25 star reviews, that's good. If one has 380 and there's two of them and they're similarly priced, guess which one I'm buying? The one with 380. 

We need to get your practice the 380 five-star reviews. We can use the Net Promoter to pre-qualify those reviews. 

The last thing - marketing. We use it to create the right message. Number one, we need enough Net Promoter data to make this work, so that we can create the right message to the right person at the right time. If you don’t have enough data, it’s a waste of time. 

But when you do, you can dial in. You ask your nines and tens for your reviews. You talk to your seven and eight about improvements. 

Your six and belows, you don't waste your time because they're not coming back. They don't like you. They're actually going to tell people bad things about you. It's a waste of time. You actually want them to forget you. If they forget you, they can't say anything bad about your business. Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but it’s business. Nothing runs perfect. 

Use this Net Promoter Score. It will grow your business. I have a free app, AetasNPS. 

If you want more information, just comment below and I’ll gladly give it to you. I’ll do whatever I can to help you out if you want to know about any of this - about how to identify them, and how to leverage this to get more Google reviews, or how to create this marketing machine that you're using this Net Promoter Score or NPS to identify these happy people and ask them to send you more people.

The ask is half the battle. Knowing who to ask is the other half of the battle. 

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