News email marketing is dying more and more every day

News email marketing is dying more and more every day

We're going to discuss emails today. What I want to talk about is your email open rates going down, and they're continually dropping. It doesn't matter how good the copy is, the medium is dying. 

We all see it in your email boxes - you’re unsubscribing, you're putting things to the bottom. There are things and stuff that you can do to improve this. 

The number one way to get somebody to open up your email is to ask them if they’ve got email. Tell them that you're sending email. Let them know that it's coming. 

If you're seeing this person face to face in your practice - this is after somebody has already showed up or called your practice - you tell them the email’s coming. You frame their expectations. 

You tell them, “Hey, I'm going to be sending you an email. When I send you emails, make sure you open them. I send you very important stuff in there.” We get the person in the habit of opening your emails. That's one way. 

The next thing we do is make them personal. If your CRM can't do it, you've got to find another one that can make them personal, that can data mine, and is HIPAA compliant. 

When you open up a personal email and it's talking to you personally about you like, “Hey John, how's your back?” There's five miles of copy after it and we all know it's garbage. The patient knows is garbage. 

Those ones that you get just like that are all garbage. That same format, 1000 times. So make it personal. If you make it personal and include personal content in it, they're going to open the next one. This is common sense.

If you're talking to them on a personal level, they're going to open it up. Then after you send them the email, and they show back up in your practice, ask them, “Hey, did you get my email?” 

If you ask people about it, then the next time that they get one, they're far more likely to open it.  They're over twice as likely to open it because they know you're going to ask them the next time you see them, and they also think that you're actually sending them the email. 

So these are two methods to improve your email marketing. Number one, write your review in your emails. You do not want to talk about your practice. Everything is about you, so make everything about the other person. 

Catchy taglines help a little bit, but they're not as effective anymore. They're dying more and more every day. What's coming next in marketing, right? 

Text messages are huge. The open rates blow any email out of the water. They absolutely destroy one problem. These have to be generic. 

You cannot make these specific, unless you're using some HIPAA compliant platform, at which point, you run into a log-in barrier between you and the patient. So for right now, I recommend that you keep those generic. 

They're still going to open them, because you framed the expectation, “I'm going to send you some text messages,” “Hey, did you get my text?”

The next big thing is ringless voice calls. I blend all of these into my software into one cohesive unit and use them together. 

But the ringless voice calls are amazing. Iit shows up as a missed call on their phone with voicemail, and your voice is recorded on the other. This is an amazing way to get. When you leave somebody a voicemail, they check it.

It's way higher than text and it's the number one right now. I recommend that you use the three of them together. There's some things that you can do. You can use something like SlyDial, email marketing, Infusionsoft, the Active Campaign, and all kinds of stuff.

Ringless voice call is amazing, and it takes time off people's plates. If you drop off, instead of me actually having to make the call, I can just send you an English voice call saying, “Hey, it's Ray with BellaCare. I was just reviewing and I saw you haven't been in the past week. I just wonder what was going on? Just give me a call whenever you get this.” 

That saves so much time for you and for the front office. It's just incredible. How much time can be saved? How much reengagement can you get? How much more money you can make? 

Because a lot of times the process is the front office costs, right? The front office calls and they try to get them in. The only problem is, Jerry [Durham] will tell you, the front office doesn't own this relationship, you own the relationship. 

So if the front office is calling, they're less likely to return. Our internal data shows that they're over 50% more likely to return if the therapist calls. So we have the therapist call? Well, the problem is the therapist doesn't have time. 

I've got an hour and a half to two hours for the paperwork sitting there, and I'm going to be doing it Saturday morning. I'm not going to be spending the time with my kids. Now I need to make phone calls. This is a joke. 

We wonder why we get blowback from people when we tell them they need to do that. Of course, they don't want to do it.

What we do is we record a message from them one time, “Hey, this is Ray with BellaCare. I was just reviewing this, and I saw you haven't been in a week. We discussed your initial visit how important adherence is in order to be able to get your life back. I'm sorry, I missed you just give me a call back.” And you're done forever. 

It's an automated system, it just runs for you. We follow those up, you re-engage your patients like never before, with less work than ever. That's the thing that is coming next, and it's going to make your life easier.

So just a quick review of emails. First off, tell the person that the email’s coming. You want to improve your open rates, tell them the email is coming. 

Number two, make that email personal. There has to be personal information in it, and it's got to be right up front, top headline. If it's not right up front, they're going to do the same thing you and I do with every email. 

You start skimming it, you read the first sentence or two, and then you dump it. So you have to put that stuff right up top. Personal information needs to be right up front so that that person thinks right away, “This is not an automated email. Somebody actually wrote this to me.”

Nobody actually sent to them, but they think somebody did, which is the same thing. It's just as good. 

Then the other way. Whenever they come in, and they show up at your practice - this is for email sequences that you're running while they're a patient - you ask them if they got your email. 

Then all of this throughout the treatment session, doing this over and over and over again, it creates a habit in the other person. They get in the habit of opening your email. And once you develop that habit, continue it. 

If you're using the right CRM, you're creating this personal relationship. If you're writing pages and pages upon pages of copy, forget the past people, it's just not going to work. Nobody's read about that. 

If you send me something, I'm not going to sit there with three and a half pages worth of stuff. Again, I have an hour and a half with paperwork I get to. The patients have their stuff that they've got to get to. They've got all kinds of other things going on in their life. 

People are vying for their time,they're not going to read your stuff. So make sure to keep that copy short and personal if you want them to open it and read it.

Those two things, then what’s coming next are those text messages, and the ringless voice calls to go straight to voicemail. Those are the next things that are going to be coming from marketing because it allows you to personalize the outreach - the entire purpose of all the CRM and all of this. 

If you look at Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, and MailChimp, all these companies started around 2001 to 2003. They are so old tech, and they're dying more every day. So when you sequence all of these together, you're hitting the person three different ways. 

Infusionsoft and Active Campaign were built and worked well at first because people saw their name, and they're like, “Oh, this is an email just to me, Look, there's my name.”

It doesn’t work anymore. Everybody knows this. So now we have to move on to the next. You have to find a way to reach the customer. Unfortunately, the same thing, you have to fool them to make them think that it's real. Because let's be honest, we don't have the time to do it. 

I don't have the time to call each and every one of my patients all the time. I don't have time to send them text messages all the time. I've got so much paperwork.

We've got to find new ways to reach them and they're there. You just got to start sequencing them and start using them in your practice. 

It’s just incredible, what happens when the patient thinks that the outreach is real. That's why email marketing works so well. 

That's why when Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, and MailChimp started, they were phenomenal. Open rates were through the roof. Why? Because people thought they were real. They hadn't seen anything like it before. 

The text message marketing, and the ringless voice call marketing is the next thing. Combining that with asking people if they got your stuff, telling people that this stuff is coming, is going to create a system. That system is going to re-engage your patients like nothing ever has before. 

If you watch this, you'll see how we're different, how what I do is different. You don't necessarily have to use my software, you can sequence this yourself. There are things out there you can put together. It's a little more difficult to manage, but you can do it. 

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