New Patient Funnel with Christine Walker

New Patient Funnel with Christine Walker

{Ray Berardinelli} Good Thursday everyone. 

Welcome to the PT Business Builders show where we believe EMRs suck; that systems and software should actually improve your life and your practice; and the only measure of success is systems that give you the time and financial freedom to enjoy your life and do the things you love. 

Today, we have a very special guest, Christine Walker is coming on. She is kind of branching out. 

You're still doing your thing but you're not just doing websites, you're kind of rolling out this as a little bit even more than the website talk.

{Christine Walker} Well, let's just say, since EMRs suck, websites kind of suck, too.

{Ray Berardinelli} Some of them, maybe. You've done some nice ones, to be perfectly honest, that I've seen.

{Christine Walker} Well, thank you. We don't think of them as websites anymore. That's, we’ll throw him under the bus.

{Ray Berardinelli}  Perfect. Perfect. 

You are starting a little bit of a new promotion here. There's a lot of aspects to this. There's even affiliate link, there's all kinds of stuff that you have going on. 

First off before we get started, maybe some people live under a rock, and they don't know who you are and haven't heard of you. 

Why don't you kind of introduce yourself, tell everybody who you are, what you do, and a little bit about what you're going to talk about today?

{Christine Walker} Sure. So, Christine Walker here. Affectionately called the website wizard at times, but my husband says I'm more of a witch. 

Let's be honest. I am a female. That's okay. 

We can argue over that. I tell him, “Thanks, honey.”

And I'm actually a physical therapist, myself, I have been for eight years.  And I very quickly realized I wouldn't be doing physical therapy forever.

Now, I wanted to actually keep doing it just my own way. So about three years in, I decided to start my own cash practice, which I loved doing. 

But life threw me a few curveballs, including being on bedrest with my son about a year into my cash practice. And I realized how much I was dependent on hustle style marketing. 

What do I mean by that? 

Like, I would be going to community events. I'd be networking out at gyms, yoga studios, concierge medicine, doctors. I was basically completely relying on other people and word of mouth to send me grants. 

And when I went on bedrest, well it was really hard to keep those relationships up and keep doing events and keep doing things that would bring me new patients. I actually had a business to go back to. 

Because let me tell you, right, once you start a business, do you ever want to go back and work for someone else? 

I mean, maybe there's like the rare bird out there. 

But for the most part, you taste it. It's right for you. I can't imagine doing anything else. 

I had hit that sweet spot where I was in love with running a business and learning to run a business. 

However, I had no marketing plan. So no marketing plan was a bad, bad problem when you can't leave your couch. 

I started looking at where the problem really was.  And I realized that my online presence, my online real estate, what I was doing online with my website, was not working. 

My first year of that website, I got compliments emails, my family thought it was amazing. They couldn't believe that I built it myself and no new patients from it. 

Like zero, not even one, just big old zero there. We're all being generated from other sources. 

And really, this is a huge, huge problem. So I set out to actually solve the problem myself. And from there, that is where I went. 

I redid my own website. I spent my whole time on bedrest (several months) figuring out how to do this. And from there, I started to get questions, like “Oh my gosh, that works really well for you. How did you do it?”

“Can you help me, too?”

I had no intention ever. I thought I was like, setting my practice on a great course. Had no intention ever of starting another business. 

But it quickly became clear, I was being called to help other private practice owners in this way. And the cool thing is, I feel like we've been able to multiply my impact, right? 

I can only see me as many people in the clinic in a week. Even if I hire staff, but through this, if we can get more people into physical therapy, whether it's PT (I mean, if you got some OTs, Cairo's in the group) same thing.

If we can get more people into their private practices and get them better. That's the best thing-- for the profession, for the community, for everyone around the country and even the world. 

That's primarily what I do today. I still occasionally see a patient here or there and work with a niche -- gymnastics population. 

And beyond that, though, I now run a full blown website education company and agency that does what we call new patient pipelines for our clients.

{Ray Berardinelli} That's pretty awesome. 

I have a question, it's on topic but it's a little bit off topic. This happens to me a lot. 

What led you to your evolution? Where you started? Like, I'm just going to start doing my website to go all the way to  now I'm doing websites for people and I'm showing them how websites are even bigger than they ever imagined.

Sorry, about my dog, natural. Everybody else is home.

{Christine Walker} Okay, I mean, you never know when one of my kids might fly across the screen too. 

So just be prepared, be prepared for anything.

I’ve been under the tutelage of my business coach at that point, or I guess a little over a year and a half. 

And I remember he was always teaching me. 

“Hey, you answer the questions people ask you, like business is not that complicated. You solve the problems people need solved.”

And of course, this was being taught to me in the application of physical therapy. But one day it just hit me as I got another Facebook message from another PT business owner asking for help and advice. 

Wait a second. I'm getting a lot of inquiries off my clinic site and cannot talk even more. 

Somehow, all of a sudden without trying to lead gen, getting all these inquiries from business owners. And it just hit me in that moment. 

I felt the calling. It's like, wow, maybe that's where I need to pivot a little bit. The funny thing is, I'd already been experimenting with some other online ventures that were actually like, doing some stuff for joint replacements online, etc. 

I had like several other ventures going that were way farther along. I just knew. It was like very clear to me -- you need to take this opportunity. 

I shelved all those, they still haven't been touched ever since. And now we've got a course that's been taken by over 150 people across the world like as far as Brunei. Over 50 private clients that we actively manage their online presence, their online real estate every month.

{Ray Berardinelli} That's awesome. Well, do me a favor, don't look at my website because I'm a little bit self conscious about it.

{Christine Walker} Don’t you want a lot of free consulting? Is that what you're saying?

{Ray Berardinelli} That might not be bad. I mean, I could potentially use that. 

Maybe we could just share some of it live and then I can be embarrassed. And you could show me everywhere that I screwed up really bad.

The new patient pipeline, the thing that you're working on, the thing that you've got going on right now, would you kind of mind telling everybody a little bit about. 

What it is and how you ended up here? What led you to this point where you're now talking about the new patient pipeline, everybody's like --- Christine websites, websites, websites, websites, and now like we're like no patient pipeline. 

Wait a minute. What's going on? 

{Christine Walker} Let me give you guys, all, a secret lesson in marketing? Okay. 

Why is it PT website secrets? Anybody? 

What's your guess? Why is it PT website secrets? Do you have any idea?

{Ray Berardinelli} Because I don't know anything about websites. I guess it's a secret.

I don't have much to offer.

{Christine Walker} You are close. What do you think of?

You think like, “Oh, I need a website. I built a clinic. I need a website.”

Am I right? 

Or “I started a business. I need a website.”

So here's the secret -- you always market what people think they want.

So it's PT website secrets. What we know behind the scenes, we don't just build a website. 

We don't just throw information up there. That's not the goal for what you need to grow a business. 

And really what you need instead, is you really need a new patient pipeline, you need something that is filtering people down to become new patients. 

To be honest, most websites don't do that across all industries. 

To be honest, this isn't just a healthcare problem. It's also not a funnel. 

Many people may be really attuned to that word, and I love Russell Brunson, but it's not a funnel. 

A funnel is for really a sub niche, sub product, right?

You're taking like one aspect of your business and trying to sell that. Maybe add some upsells downsells to it.

That's great.  But that's not what you need. 

When you're mom tells you to go see this dentist or to go eat at this restaurant. 84% of people still go and look at the website, even if somebody who they very much trust has told them to do it. 

{Ray Berardinelli} That's the beautiful thing about being on my side of this. I like my dogs barking in the background. 

I have my microphone off. So I just put you on screen and I just turn around and yell at him. 

Yell, I'm like, “wow, no..” but that doesn't sound real good on camera. 

I did the same thing.

{Christine Walker} There's a really big difference. We can be a website, just like you would go to to get information like patients go to Web MD.

Web MD is such a good example in our industry because they understand that. Patients go to Web MD they practically think they diagnose themselves. 

But Web MD is not trying to make them patients. 

Maybe I'm giving them a really good idea and then the next few years they're gonna be offering you know something here so I apologize if I am. 

But the point is they’re an information alone thing. 

Funnels are almost a little too niche down. You can't operate on just a funnel for your PT clinic. You sub niche, it's too specific. 

That thing can't have funnels, like that's not going to take up your online real estate.

A lot of people during this crisis have come to realize that their office right now is whatever they have online. 

There are people are closed. They don't even have a storefront anymore. 

They can't even have people walking by up the street and just walk into their clinic curious. The only office they've got is what they've got online. 

And that's where this has to be. 

{Ray Berardinelli} It’s still software.

{Christine Walker} It's not like that's your only office. Same thing with me like I actually do have a physical office but nobody knows about it.

Nobody's gonna walk by and like knock on the door.

{Ray Berardinelli} And be like, “Hey, I need a website.”

{Christine Walker} Yeah, exactly, uh, excuse me.

{Ray Berardinelli} “I'm a physical therapist and I need a website.”

{Christine Walker} Nobody's going to walk by and knock on the door. 

The only office I've got is really online. Same with a lot of other healthcare practitioners right now. 

How many of you guys like either your clinics are closed or if your mobile like you obviously can't go see people? How many of you are in that position right now? 

The website’s all you’ve got. Whatever you've created online is all you've got. 

And you can have just information out there and just be a plain old website like a brochure and here's where we are and here's what we do and we're the best in town and we've been in business for however long and etc.

You treat like everything under the sun in a nice list, you can be like that. That's fine. 

But what's the goal? What's your goal? 

That's not going to get you new patients. 

You might get lucky and someone calls one out here or there, whatever. But if you consistently want and this is the cool thing we have found. 

The virus has given us a great opportunity to go back and look at numbers. Because now we've had a huge economic downturn, like totally out of the blue suddenly. 

For most of us, this is the biggest economic downturn we've ever seen in the lives of our businesses.

Here's what we found. We've compared what people have just websites, and we've compared the new patient pipelines we've built. 

We've actually still found that the new patient pipelines are still averaging over 10 new leads a month despite the economic downturn.

{Ray Berardinelli}  Wow, that's incredible.

{Christine Walker} If you would look at their numbers, you'd have no idea. It's like 18,22,19 like going back six months? No, no idea. You'd have no idea. 

February and March were complete chaos in the world. 

{Ray Berardinelli}  Where is everybody right now?

You know, they're at home, what are they doing?

{Christine Walker} And guess what, if you can't capture him now, something's really wrong. 

My point is, do we see a few people like you might expect a small dip, right? But we're not seeing this huge plummet. 

I know people have literally gone from we got a couple to just, zeros, zeros, zeros. It is because it wasn't designed to really, truly push people into your business through a pipeline. 

That's why we're using this language now. 

Don't worry, PT website secrets still exist. 

Like I said, a big marketing secret. What do they think they need versus educating them on what they need. 

For all of you people out there. Maybe you do manual therapy, maybe you don't. 

Maybe they've got somebody on the phone who's convinced they need McKenzie. And you're like, “I know I can deal with this without McKenzie.” 

I like McKenzie, but I'm just throwing it out there.. It's the same thing, “Oh, sure. You know, well, absolutely. What are we going to take care of for you?”

Well, actually, you know what? Yeah, McKenzie’s great. But what we need to really focus on is your back pain.

{Ray Berardinelli} Right. That's what they care about. They don't care if you're McKenzie certified or if you're not.

{Christine Walker} Deep down, they're only asking for that because their best friend had back pain and told them they need to see a McKenzie therapist and they have no frickin clue what it even means. Right?

{Ray Berardinelli} Yeah, they don't really know. So what you're primarily talking about is like turning, how this is lead gen. 

How like, even during the downturn, you're able to generate new leads.

Maybe you could talk a little bit about that, like the new leads. Why is this different? 

Why are you still able to turn new leads despite all the struggles that everybody's having?

{Christine Walker} This all comes down to -- we're not doing information. We're doing everything based on our avatar. 

Everything is not talking about us. It's all talking about our avatar. What does our avatar need? 

What do they need to take the next step towards us? What do we need to put on here? Where are they coming from right now? 

They're going to be coming from a lot of different places. We recognize that.

How can we build stuff for people who are in this situation? How can we make stuff for people that are in this other situation? 

Not everybody is the same person who visits your website. Can we all agree on that? 

Like it's not true. So why are we building it assuming everybody wants to pick up the phone or book now, that's all you got on there, you're still in information mode. 

You're not in pipeline mode. And in fact, you need a lot more than that. Not just one lead generator or something, you need a lot more than that to get in pipeline mode. 

Because that's what's going to capture the most of your audience. We know you'll never be able to capture 100% of them.

If we could, man, we'd all be rich right now. And you and I might be out of jobs.

The key is, how much can you maximize? How much can you capture? 

How can you turn this into an asset that's just bringing fuel to the business, month in, month out, no matter what the circumstances are going on around you because the one thing that's not gonna change -- people are still being in pain.

People still having problems. Kids having trouble walking, grandma's having trouble with their balance, even though they want to stay in their house, people getting back pain because they sit at their desk all day. 

Those things don't go away even in bad recession. They don't. 

{Ray Berardinelli} Right. And I think that's such a great point that you brought up. 

I think they even have a bigger problem right now then in good times, because you know, okay, now I have back pain. 

Well, I can go to my physical therapist, or I can go to my chiropractor, whatever you're into, I can go get the hot rocks on my back, I can go get you know, whatever. 

{Christine Walker} A massage would be really nice right now.

{Ray Berardinelli} Yeah, exactly. But they can't, they don't have any of that available. There's a really big problem right now. 

I’m just curious, are you building like that kind of stuff in? Stuck at home. with back pain sort of thing, like stuck at home with knee pain?

{Christine Walker} Absolutely. We've been pivoting for all of our private clients, one of the biggest things we did in March was pivot and make sure they have everything they need up for telehealth.

When people work with us on going, that's just something we're looking out for and supplying for them, etc. 

And, you know, two weeks ago, I had a training on, actually, specifically, new patient telehealth pipeline. So like, let's talk about one specific pipeline, telehealth and let's go through that. 

So we've had people going through and creating their telehealth pages through our teaching the last few weeks so that they're ready. Because there are states that are not going to open up for a while whether or not you agree with it as a whole entire different story. 

But that's just where we're at and people, they vary in their, across the country and how willing they are to take risks and all of this jazz. 

So really, this is where everything is just moving online and I think the best part that's going to come out of this is the whole idea of telehealth is going to be able to take off even more.

Which is going to create, like I said, some people are going to come out of this with new business opportunities they never imagined. One of my clients is like, “Oh, I'm pretty sure 50% of my clients won't ever come back to the clinic…”

They love it so much doing telehealth. She's like, I don't think they'll come back. They're just gonna keep doing telehealth, they love it. 

I think there's so many opportunities going to come out of this and that pipeline is a big one (for sure.)  This is the thing. 

We've got to have them on there. We've got to have these opportunities on there.

The world is going online. We weren't gonna see internet usage going down.

It's not happening. If anything, it's going to indefinitely keep going up until somehow it's embedded in our brains and something else has happened crazy, right? 

And even then, you're going to have whatever real estate you need on that.

{Ray Berardinelli} I love the idea of like right now the world is moving online. I keep saying this over and over again, this is a time that you can lay the foundation. 

Even if you can't get new patients right now you have a unique opportunity right now to build that foundation so that when everything does open back up here in a week, now, two weeks, a month, whenever it happens, that your business is better on the other side of this whole thing. 

And what you're talking about and what you're offering is exactly that it is something that is going to improve your practice out the other end. It's one more piece of the puzzle, one more tool in the toolbox for your practice that allows you to grow and improve.

Any suggestions for anybody right now that's working to do that?

“Hey, I think I need this.”

How do they get involved with you? 

{Christine Walker} Absolutely. Well, if you really enjoyed this chat, like I've created at what I've been doing during COVID-19, kind of like what I did, going back to what you're talking about, I had that opportunity on bedrest, right so that I could get back to work right after the birth of my child, if I so chose to. 

You guys have that opportunity. And one great thing would be to join me next Thursday, we are going to go in more in depth into this idea of the new patient pipelines.

How you get them? What it's made of? What it does?

How it's been able to help our clients? You're gonna get a lot better idea of that. 

Next week, we have an awesome, brand new, like, if you watch me talk before I have never delivered this presentation. It's gonna be exciting. It's gonna be awesome training 

You can grab your spot at And that is where you will get a seat. 

I'm going to tell you the training I did two weeks ago on telehealth filled up like masrapido so quickly. That it's awesome. We're telling you guys about this Thursday because we will fill up and I want to make sure you guys get seats.

{Ray Berardinelli}  When is it?

{Christine Walker} Next Thursday, 8pm Eastern

{Ray Berardinelli} 8pm, Eastern?

{Christine Walker} Yes. Don't hop on it, it's going to be on eastern like an hour from now.

{Ray Berardinelli}  Right. I put it down in the chat for us so it's there. Just trying to read some of the comments here.

“You guys rock.” 

 She does. I'm just here just asking questions and letting her talk. 

What little teaser, what can they expect at this? I'm not asking you to get in the weeds, tell us exactly what you're teaching them. 

What are we going to be mentioning on?

{Christine Walker} Yeah, so really, if you like, I like this idea of a pipeline, but I'm still trying to figure out what that looks like…

Like, what does that blueprint kind of look like? What does it look like to master that? What pieces are you kind of talking about?

All of that stuff we will go over. If you want to realize the difference between having just that website in the new patient pipeline? That is really I mean, we're gonna dig deep in to those things next week.

{Ray Berardinelli} Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on and sharing this and I'm sure it's gonna help a lot of people on here and I hope a lot of people jump over and take advantage of that. 

And if nothing else, just learn something like hop on and learn a little bit. 

What else be honest what you’re doing right now? Yeah, you Miss Netflix isn't going anywhere the shows are still going to be there when at like 9 or 9:15. 

Whenever this thing's over, next Thursday. Any parting thoughts, anything you would like to share with anybody on the way on out here?

{Christine Walker} You guys, you have what I love to call what an opportunity. It's something my dad instilled in me as a little girl.

Growing up every time before a big test or a big soccer game. He'd just go on this little radio, “What an opportunity.. what opportunity.” Every morning, and you know, I'd laugh and maybe roll my eyes a little bit, but to be honest, it was what got me through and kept my head up. 

And to be honest, it's probably why, when I saw this opportunity to help pts in this way, I took it because what an opportunity it was, and for you guys COVID-19 the whole craziness really has been an opportunity for you to find out what you've got, what your business has got. And to move it forward. 

And if you've enjoyed this tonight, then the training next week's only going to help you take the next step in it.

Get yourself on there. Make sure you get a link before we run out at

And I will see you, Thursday. 

{Ray Berardinelli} Well, thank you so much for sharing with everyone. 

And thank all of you guys for coming to the PT Business Builders show where we believe EMRS suck; that systems and software should actually improve your practice and your life, not consume it. And hear the only measure of success or systems that give you the time and the financial freedom to enjoy your life and doing the things that you love. 

Again, thank you so much for sharing with everyone and love to have you back again. This was a lot of fun. 

Sounds good. 

Hey, everyone, thanks for stopping by and have a great Thursday.

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