How You Can Make Your PT Business Life Easier

Make Your PT Business Life Easier

This is total tech-nerd stuff. For those of you who know me, I'm completely total tech-nerd. I’m the idea guy behind building our software. I love to see technology, how I can make it work and how I can make work better, and what I can do to make things work a little more smooth and easy with the tech.

I found this really cool thing years ago. There’s a couple of them out there. Probably the most popular one is called Slydial. There’s a number of different kinds of services for this, with some of them paid and some are free.

Basically, the idea is that your phone doesn’t ring. It shows up as a missed call with a voicemail on your phone. This tech allows you to bypass your phone so you don’t even have to interface with the person. What you can do is actually pre-record the message and have this go out. You can have triggers set to make the message go out.

This is kind of what I built into my software. You don’t necessarily need my software to use it. You really can’t get the automation part of it without my software. You can try to use it but there is a list to manage different things.

I use this for a number of places and the thing about drop offs is just one of them. What I actually do is I pre-record myself with a message. That goes out automatically to my patients. We used to call these people, then we found out in the research that the patient is 50% more likely to return to us if the therapist calls because we own the relationship.

What we did is have the therapist call. It’s time-consuming and I have 1-2 hours of paperwork to do waiting for me at home. I don’t want to sit down and make phone calls. I don’t want to take the time to call people. So we used this and it automatically sends the message to them. If somebody is in our drop offs list, they get this automated message.

With that, you can use this in a number of ways:

First, do not overuse it. It loses its efficacy. If you start bombarding somebody’s phone, it is no good anymore.

I use it for my drop offs, for people who aren’t reaching their prescribed visits, and for special occasions only. This is where I really wanted to engage with somebody. I’m not just using this for a running mail like checking them and see what they’re doing. This is for actual serious things. I want the patient to engage because the tech is awesome. If you overuse it, you will lose them.

We use this ring as voicemail as one small piece of a bigger puzzle. The other place where we really use it and have great success is doing promotional stuff. Once a year, we do our annual Bella Care anniversary. We have different things that we do. Make it based on anything. Anytime you want to have engagement, you can find some excuse to send this out.

What we do is we send it out to people. I also use it for workshops. In workshops, my software really dives in on people. We use the Net Promoter Scores, their body parts, and a lot of their information to dial in on them.

You don’t need to do that. You can create a generic message like your doing a workshop for a specific issue. I send the message out to everybody who is on my list or maybe all of my patients.

We have a little script, pre-record it, and send it out to everybody. You’re going to get more people coming in using the sequence with text messages, emails with personal information embedded. We send these out to patients whenever we’re trying to get more people into these workshops. If you’re doing an annual event such as an anniversary or appreciation day, we’re bombing these out and ringing these voicemails again to get to these people.

Hey! It’s Ray from Bella Care. I just want to personally reach out to you and welcome you to our Annual Patient Appreciation Day. If you would like to come, it would be great to see you. Sorry I missed you.

So now, these people actually think that you’re personally reaching out to them and trying to build a relationship with the other person. This goes way beyond the mailers or just the generic emails that they know a lot of people got.

This really allows you to dive in. You can make a list, have different things, and all you’ve got to do is pre-record the message one time. You pre-record it once and it’s good. Do not overuse it especially on workshops. Sometimes, people will run workshops every month and you send it out every month to people. You will start to lose people.

What I recommend is we send man-hours based on body parts. If somebody is a back patient, they’re going to get when we’ll be having a workshop related to the back. If they’re a shoulder patient, they will going to get the free shoulder workshop, while neck workshop for neck patients.

We try to target the message to the users so that when they give testimonials to their friends or family members or when we ask them to refer, they actually have hands-on experience with you with that body part. So they will have a personal testimonial about the body part.

You can dial in a little more about it. It’s a little bit difficult by just using Slydial but I’m telling you, that is a great product. They are excellent to use. You will have incredible success with them and it will save you a ton of time. Make sure that you check that out.

I want to thank everybody for checking in here. I’m going to do more on these tech things. You can sequence those tech things out.

The ringless call is a big option because it saves you a lot of time. As therapists, we try to call our past patients, people who dropped off or those no-call-no-show and we don’t know where they are and so, we reach out to them. We’ve actually done research and we found out that the longer you wait to contact them, the less likely you are to recapture them.

In that process, when the front office calls and don’t get them to return, the therapist calls. This takes even more time so they’re longer out. The likelihood that you getting them back becomes very low at this point.

We pull the big gun right out of the gate during the first week. Being the therapist with that pre-recorded message, you don’t have to do the work. You just have to put them on a list, review and push the button, and it sends them your pre-recorded message.

I recommend the sequence with this. Follow it up with a text message, email, or another voice call. If you’re losing them, your Net Promoter Score is gone.

When you use that ringless call, it goes straight to voicemail. As long as you don’t overuse it, the other person won’t know. They will think that you’ve actually reached out to them. It’s going to allow you to recruit a lot of those people without doing any other work.

I can’t help it being a tech-nerdy. It’s my thing. That’s kind of how the Slydial process works. It’s absolutely a huge leverage point. It will make your practice a lot of money and it will take a lot of work off of other people’s plates.

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