The Magic of Sequencing in Your PT Business

The Magic of Sequencing in Your PT Business

This is what I can offer you. I love doing the sequencing. I love figuring out this process and I'm going to give you everything that I figured out and tested. There's a number of things you need. 

#1 Ringless Call-to-Voicemail Messaging System

You need a ringless call to voicemail messaging system, like Slydial. My software, the Aetas, does all these, but you can do with other stuff. Slydial will do it. You'll need a Zapier integration to make that work. 

Then you will need some text messaging and email. You can get those from Infusionsoft. There's a number of different products out there that you can get to do this, but the sequencing is where the magic happens. 

We start out with a ringless call to voicemail. This is exactly what I'll record. We'll say I'm doing a Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop, so I'll record this message, and I have all these scripts. If anybody wants them, I'll gladly share them.

I'll say, "Hey, this is Ray Berardinelli. I wanted to reach out to you and personally invite you to our Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop on the second of next month. We are only inviting 20 people and when we put this together, I thought about you and how much success we had when we work together. If you like to come yourself or refer some family and friends, that would be amazing. There's only 20 spots, and they're going to fill up fast. Make sure you call us back right away."

That's the first phone call. That's what will say that will go to them at the ringless call to voicemail. On my software, I'll actually talk about their body part. I'll say, "Hey, remember how much success we had when we're working on your back?" to personalize it so that they think it's real. I can talk about the success because I use the Net Promoter Scores. 

You need to be using Net Promoter scores. Even if you're giving them a piece of paper with Net Promoter questions on it, you have got to get and graph those.

That's what allows you to create the magic in this sequence. Whenever you start out with that personalized message, we'll follow it up with a text. 

#2 Text Message

The text will say, "Hey, I tried to reach out to you via phone. I just wanted to let you know that we're having a low back pain and sciatica workshop on the second of next month. There are only eight spots left."

Then we will follow this up with an email. We embed their goals right in the email so it looks personal. If you're using something like MailChimp or Infusionsoft, you're going to have to go more generic on this.

#3 Email

The copy should say something along the lines of, "Hey, I've tried to reach out to you this method and this method. I just wanted to make sure that you know about our Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop. Not everybody knows about us the way that you do. Some of your family and friends might be suffering, and we can help them. If you would like to refer them to us, or if you yourself would like to come, that would be great."

It's basically the same copy, the same messaging that we're using on that ringless call to voicemail - we're just sending it to them via email. 

In mind, I say, "Hey, John, how was your back? Are you still able to lift your grandchildren?" If not, I can lead with, "You're not going to be able to do that with other softwares." 

You can still make it general enough, but specific enough that it'll still work as well. If you use the sequence, and then follow it up. 

#4 Text Message

I'll follow it up with a text message, and this is the hard sell.

I'm saying, "Hey, there's two spots left. If you don't get back to me within the next 24 hours, I can pretty much guarantee that they're going to be filled up. I hope you're doing well. Take care." 

That's what the message says, and then I'll leave our phone number on that text message.  I use that sequence. 


First one, that ringless call to voicemail where we're personally inviting them, recorded by their therapist. You don't want a generic message from your staff. It should be very specific. 

It should be the person that they had a relationship with. That's who the phone call should be from. If you have five therapists, all five therapists should be recording this same message. 

You should put that into Slydial. You have to segment all of your people out with whatever EMR you're using. When you print out the data, print out the data by the individual. 

Then you're going to load it up into something like Slydial or some other lists that you're going to have all these initial calls go in. Then you can use Infusionsoft or whatever you're using for your text messages and emails, but the sequencing is golden. 

The people that come to these workshops or the ones that show up from this sequence, they come with a personalized testimonial from a family member or friend. That is worth more than anything. Any ad you could run, the goal of all of this is to get them to know and trust you. 

If their mother tells them about you and how much you helped her, and how she believes that you can help them - it's a done deal. These people close at a way, way higher rate than any other method that you could ever get them into. 

That's how we work that sequencing. Once we get them on the schedule, we generally follow up with a confirmation - a real person phone call. We want the front office to give them a call to confirm that they're actually coming. 

In that message, we say, "Hey, we want to make sure that we get everybody here who wants to be here. We're calling to confirm, so that if not, we can give your spot to someone else if need be." Because we can't always get everyone into these workshops. 

That's how that sequence works. Four steps: ringless call to voicemail, text message, email, then text message with a follow-up confirmation call on the other side once they commit.

The more personal, the more you're going to close. The less personal, the less you're going to close. That's why I did what I did in my software. You can still do it, not as effectively, using other methods. 

You can use Slydial. Zapier integration makes it really easy. If you use Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, or MailChimp, you can really sequence that out. You can really dial in on your people.

If you want to put people in your workshop, this is the best thing you can do. I've tried mailers, tried advertising Facebook ads - it doesn't work as well as this. 

Once this thing gets dialed in, and you can really target that person and create this customized message to them that they have no idea whether it's fake or real - that that's where the magic happens. 

If any of you have any questions, or if there is any way that I can help at all, please reach out to me here in the group. We're trying to give you guys amazing content and really trying to make this something that could really help a lot of people grow their practice. 

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