The One Lesson that can Take your PT Practice from Good to Great

The One Lesson that can Take your PT Practice from Good to Great

I have really messed up in my practice. When I started my practice, things were going really well. Then I messed up. I wasn't paying attention to the numbers. I didn't care, like things didn't matter. 

Then all the sudden changes happened. Everything fell out from underneath me. My practice went from killing it to not doing so good. I messed up, and I did this for years. I didn't pay any attention to anything. 

Then after years of not doing so well, I started to take a look. The one thing that hit me was that the most important thing is what the patient thinks. I started looking at my numbers, and I started seeing cancellations and no shows -- but that wasn't the big thing.

Drop offs were the huge thing. They were affecting everything. According to the Web PT data, in over 10,000 clinics last year, 75% did not complete their plan of care.

I'm going to repeat that: 75% of the patients don't complete their plan of care.

That's what was happening to me. They were walking away. I realized I needed to identify what it is that is making these people walk away. Why aren't they staying? 

We work so hard to get them in the front door. We fight so hard to get our referrals and get people in the door for direct access. We would advertise all different kinds of stuff. Then people are walking away. 

I'm like, “What is going on? Why is this happening?” That's when the epiphany hit me - they don't like you.

“The deductibles are too high, that's why this is happening to me. It has nothing to do with me. It must be that the deductibles are too high and that the CO pays are too high.” I blamed it on everything else and acted like it was just part of the deal. 

This is just how it's going -- to go home and have physical therapy practice, but that wasn't true. The same people that weren't coming to physical therapy, they drop off.

I had one guy talking about how he spent $2,000 on TV, and when I'm blaming it on his $30 co-pay as the reason that it can't come, I didn't show him value on what I do. He didn't see the value of physical therapy in his life. I wasn't making it worth his while. So I needed to start identifying that value.

Lesson number one, what the patient thinks is the most important thing in your practice. Nothing else matters. I thought that I just needed to get better at this technique, to learn this new manual technique and to address them in different ways. 

The reason that they're not coming is because they're not seeing the progress that they want. The case is not what keeps them coming. What keeps them coming is a relationship. They get to know and trust you. 

If that doesn't happen and if they don't know you, they don't like you. They will never trust you, and they will drop off. You will lose that patient and have the metric. That's the only way you can know if there's an issue. 

So we're going to dive deep into this. I've talked about this in the past but I'm trying to organize it better so that if you go a week by week flow, you can see this progression each and every step of it. 

Then we're going to do some special things such as workshops. We're going to work a couple other series where we're teaching you different aspects of your business, how you can improve them, and how you can grow them. 

If you've ever felt before that you've messed up, let me know. I've messed and screwed up before. I hopped in the pool with my phone in my pocket. So I had no means of doing Facebook Live.

There's going to be more files that you're seeing dropped into the group. We're going to give you a ton of free content. If anybody has any questions, or would like to discuss anything with me, hit me up below or PM me. I'm always available for you guys.

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