Interview with Facebook Group Boss Mike Chua (Part 1)

Interview with Facebook Group Boss Mike Chua (Part 1)

Ray Benardinelli: Hello everyone! I'm so freaking excited right now to have this next guy on. He is absolutely an incredible Facebook boss: Dr. Mike Chua.

Mike has two Facebook groups. One has over 30,000 members and his other group has over 10,000 members. If you want to learn how to grow a Facebook group, this is the guy.

If you want to learn how to connect with your people on Facebook and how to build a group of people that you want to sell to, want to become your patients, or want to join with you, Mike Chua is the guy.

This dude is incredible on Facebook. I'm so inspired by him. He is absolutely incredible and is a super guy. He's gonna hop on here in a couple minutes.

I can't even tell you how impressed I am with him. How did he do that? How did he get 10,000 people? My group has around 280 people, and I've been working to hit up 280 people. He has over 10,000 in one group and over 30,000 to the other group.

Like he is good at connecting with people and getting them into his groups. I have no idea. I don't understand how he does it. That's why we're going to do this. 

I met him at Smart Success Physical Therapists (SSPT) Live. He's the super dude, just really fun loving guy and just so hard working. He did podcasts while we were there the whole time. He was just pulling people aside and doing podcast.

He is awesome. His book group is incredible. If you want to write a book, look it up and join that group. It's absolutely incredible. For those of you who don't know Mike, I'll tell you a little bit about him.

Mike is the author of Misunderstanding Dementia. He has an Alzheimer’s support group that he’s the admin of and alternative careers for physical health care. The former has 30-plus thousand people while the latter group has over 10,000 people in it.

Mike's got some pretty freaking awesome reach. Thankfully, it's a lot better than his cell phone reception. Because that really sucks. Cell reception is bad.

But he's an awesome dude. He's got so much knowledge to share on how to build your group, on how to get more people to listen to your message.

Finally, the Facebook boss, Mike Chua, has good reception now. He has two groups: one, you're the admin with over 30,000 and the other one has over 10,000.

And I've been pumping you up for the last five minutes. Telling everybody how great you are growing your group and just connecting with people.

Absolutely incredible what you've been able to achieve, Mike. I wish I could pull it off. So couple of questions for you.

First, how the hell did you do that? How do you get that much engagement? How do you get that many people interested in your group?

Mike Chua: Well, to tell you honestly, those groups are not my group.

RB: They're not your group?

MC: No.

RB: You are the admin on them.

MC: I am the admin of those groups. But here's the thing: I've been following all this stuff here - all the SSPT thing, create your own group - and Alex and Will said, “Well, instead of creating your own group, why don't you just serve this group and keep on serving?”

So that's what I did. I kept them serving those groups. Well, first is the Alzheimer's disease/Alzheimer's dementia support group. It was still a small starting group that time and I started serving them.

I just give them valuable information and showing them the postings on my blogs without asking for anything in return. And then the actual administrator himself asked me, “Hey, Michael! You're doing all this valuable information. Do you want to come on board and do live videos?”

Because I'm doing live videos anyway on my on my page. I said, “Yeah. Why reinvent the wheel? You can go into a group and provide valuable information there.”

Now, here's the thing. When you go into a group, you just don't tell them, “Hey, I want to be part of your group,” or something like that. You still want to provide valuable information without asking anything in return.

And one thing I really realized because this guy named Ryan is the real Facebook boss - I'm not the Facebook boss - he's an IT guy. What he did is he created and started all these different medical groups and he basically monopolized those names just like a website domain.

You're buying all this website domain. For example, I just want to get the or for now. I'm investing. And that's what he did. He's an IT guy, and he started putting all this different groups called Alzheimer's and Dementia support group, Stroke group, etc.

RB: He was able to add everybody. He joined these groups that weren't actually his group and then he just started giving without expectation of anything.

And all the sudden, he's the admin of these groups, and there's just thousands and tens of thousands of people in these groups. Mike's the most active person that I see in either of them. So basically, he is totally in control of these enormous groups that he just found his way into by just giving.

He went to the groups and just kept giving, kept posting content, and kept giving to the people within the group. And he was able to join these groups.

So he was giving and just through giving he was able to get like which is an incredible concept. There's a book about it called the “Go Giver” - how you're able to touch people and have incredible success in your life just through giving, just continuing to pour yourself out and pull yourself up and pull yourself out.

So you were telling us about how you are giving and because you are giving so much that worked your way into these enormous groups. And like all this reach that you have now from just going in and just giving.

Apparently, this isn't our day. I don't know what more I need to do it. So trying to add you again man. I don't know what's going on here. Mike, we've lost you man.

It seems that way right now. But maybe we will have to redo this for not able to get this connection. And this is totally my fault. This isn't Mike Chua’s fault.

Maybe we'll just have to reschedule this because the connection just isn't stable enough. I keep trying to add them. And it's not working.

He's dropping off. Mike's the guy that has all the knowledge on this is and not me. Mike has grown these incredible groups, helped in growing these incredible groups, and was able to reach all of these people through giving.

So maybe we'll just reschedule this for later whenever Mike gets better reception.

(to be continued in Part 2)

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