Improvements from the Bottom of Hierarchical Structure in PT Business

Improvements from the Bottom of Hierarchical Structure in PT Business

What I want to talk about today is the hierarchical structure in business. Honestly, a lot of us look at what we're doing, and we tend to look at it wrong. We have a hierarchical structure for our business. I’ll use a pyramid description here.

First off, we're a business. This is first and foremost what we are. Then, we are a service-based business. Above that, we are in health care. We help people who work on the human body. 

Service-based, because primarily what we provide to people are services. Some of us provide goods, but the primary thing that we provide is services to people. We're in health care, and we work on the human body and people's health. Finally, we are PT, OT, SLP, or whatever you are. 

This is the hierarchical structure of our business. First and foremost, we are a business. Then we are a service-based business in that we primarily provide services to people. 

Third, we're in health care. We work on human beings. We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy services. 

The things you have that allow you to do certain things to people, and to charge for those things is a specific license that you have earned in your given state that says you can provide this type of service to people.

Anybody with that license can provide those types of services. I get that yours might be a little bit different, and you might have something specific. 

When we want to improve our business, we generally start up here. We want to add new letters.  We want to be OCS, or manual certified specialist, or whatever. We think that fixing the top of this pyramid is going to result in transition into the bottom of the pyramid. 

Improving, but we focus here when there are little dollars, to begin with. Look at all the hierarchical structure in this pyramid - the base is a business, then we're a service-based business, then we're in health care. 

By improving any of the things below, we're going to affect a bigger change. By adding some alphabet soup letters behind our name, let's be honest: patients don't really care. Honestly, they don't even know it. “Tom, I'm an OCS,” or “I'm a big certified specialist.” The patient doesn’t know what that means. 

They're worried about themselves, the things that they have going on their lives and the issues that they have that they're coming to you to fix. Testimonials are going to do more because it provides the person with more information that they need. 

“I had somebody that had the same problem as you,” I fix them, I help them, I return them to their life. That's what they're looking for. 

They don't care about the letters that you have behind your name. Granted, those might be good marketing. You might be able to sell those to doctors, to other places - but it's not going to affect as many changes moving further down the structure. 

Let's bring a different perspective on this. In the same structure, we're going to start with the business. Let’s look at amusement parks. They’re a business. They also are a service-based business. They provide a service and they provide entertainment.

Now let's look at two separate examples here. We're going to compare Disney and Six Flags. They’re both business, first and foremost. They're there to make money. 

They're both service-based in that they provide services to people as their primary means of revenue. They also sell products, but that's a little add on. They're primarily service-based; people come there for the service that they provide. The specific service that they provide is entertainment for people. Then finally, they’re an amusement park. 

Look at Six Flags and Disney World. Six Flags is up here. When they want to affect changes, they affect changes at the amusement park level. They add bigger, faster roller coasters, and bigger rides. 

They're trying to work at the amusement park route. Disney is working on this level [services]. 

Six Flags has better rides in Disney, but Disney gives you an experience. Even their advertising goes into this - “Be our best, be our best. Put our magic to the test.” 

They're talking about magic. They're not talking about their amusement park, they're talking about the experience that you're going to have right there. Their focus is on the service, and that's why they're working with that immersive experience for people.

If you ride that one of the Disney rides, everybody in the park talks to you about how you did on the Disney ride. Six Flags is still up here, trying to build faster roller coasters and bigger rides. 

This is what we do in our practices. We try to add faster roller coasters, we try to add bigger rides. We try to add new services that we provide to the people as our primary thing. We want new letters behind our name, something that differentiates us. 

We buy all kinds of stuff to try to get people to come to us, but we're focusing on the wrong place. Pretty soon, you can find somebody in our industry that is Disney. 

They're focusing on the services that they're providing to the patient. They're focusing on the experience of the patient. This is where you can really affect change if you want to affect the business dollar change.

The closer you are to it, the bigger the change you're going to make. Instead of focusing here, we need to start moving further down this ladder. We start looking at the services. 

This mind shift, I can't even tell you how big it is and was for me and my practice. I was trying to add new equipment, new services that I'm providing. And the biggest change that I ever saw, the biggest growth of my business was when I stopped looking up here, and started looking down here. 

I started to create an experience like Disney did, for my patients, I started to go out of my way to let them know that they were important, that they were special. I wanted them to feel the magic of my practice. 

That emotion and that magic? That's what gets people to come to you. That's what gets people to talk to other people and tell them to come to you. 

If you say amusement park, very few people think Six Flags. They're going to think of Disney all the time when in reality, Six Flags has better rides. But Disney is telling an experience. 

In your practice, you need to stop worrying about how big your roller coaster is, how fast that is, how high or drop on whatever your ride is, and how many amazing rides you have. 

You need to start working down here. 

You need to start getting in there and telling the patient how you are affecting change for them by showing them an experience, giving them the magic of your practice, just like Disney did. Magic has nothing to do with an amusement park, but man, Disney is selling it. 

You need to sell the same thing. You need to dive in, start to look at your practice to affect this change within it, because the better your service is, the more likely they are to return. 

It’s the same with a hotel. Compare the service of a three-star hotel versus a five-star hotel. What's your experience like at the two? One where they come in, and they turn your bed down and put little chocolates on your bed every day that you come in. 

What is the difference? Yeah, the place is a little bit nicer, but it's that service that makes all the difference. Instead of saying, “You're welcome,” they say, “Of course,” implying that it was their expectation, and they should do this for you. 

It's a huge change in mindset for you. If you make this change in your practice, you're going to start to get the results that the five-star hotels are getting and that Disney is getting because you're not up here trying to add bigger roller coasters or lower rates or better rides or trying to add a nicer fountain out front. 

It's the experience that people have. A change up here, naturally, it'll affect a change in your business - but not as big a change being down here and affecting their experience.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you guys would like to talk about this further, I would love to explain a little bit more about how this works in everybody's practice.

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