Implementing a New System in your PT Business

Implementing a New System in your PT Business

I want to share some thoughts on staffing issues. My software requires people to implement new systems, and any business growth requires a system change. 

A lot of times people get blowback on this. I talked to a ton of people that think it's easy. No. It is insane of you to think that they're just going to implement something new that's going to take them more work more time, more effort, with nothing in it for them. 

"But it's going to be good for the business!" That's actually absolutely insane. People aren't going to implement your s#*t just because you want things to be better. 

It's insane to think that somebody is going to implement something that requires them more work, more time and more effort, that you can benefit without offering them anything. 

You can't do that s#*t to the people you've got. You've got to have more wherewithal. As a business owner, somebody running a business, what's in this for them? 

What is it that they are getting out of this? If I'm just offering you more work and a change, and there's nothing in it for you - why would you do that?

If the system that you're implementing is actually good, now there's something to offer them. It should be making you some money. If it's not making you some money, then you don't have anything to offer anyone. If you're making money on it, you need to share. 

You need to incentivize their portion of it.

If you need your front desk to implement something, let's say call scripts, and if they're taking more time, there needs to be something for them. It can't just be, "This is going to be good for the business, so you should do it."

You have to offer something from their perspective. You have to offer them monetary compensation. If your Eval No-Show rate is high and you want to fix that, you implement this script and say this is going to fix our eval no show rate. It's more work for them, and there's nothing in it for them. 

More patients show up? Great. The business is more successful. But for them, their personal finance, the things that matter to them, the goals that they want to achieve in their life - they are not addressed at all by your system.

Reward Your Staff's Efforts

You have to give them something. You have to reward them. You have to praise them and give them some monetary feedback.

You have to see things from the other person's perspective. You have to look at the other person and say, "What's in this deal for them?" 

You just can't throw that script at them and say, "I need you to implement the script upfront. There's a whole bunch more work for you. There's nothing in it for you, but the business is going to make more money." That's not gonna work.

Would you do it? I wouldn't. I'd resist pretty much every way I could, short of getting fired. I try to talk them out of it. Even if you do implement, you're not going to have people truly on board, unless you see things from their perspective and give them a benefit. 

If there's no benefit for the other person in this situation, then they're just not going to do it. Why would they? Why would I do this extra work and take all these extra efforts?

"Well, I got you guys looking at the sun." That's not gonna work. It's essentially nothing other than a pat on the back, and say, "Hey, good job! Our clinic's doing better."

You have to see things from the other person's perspective. Offer them value and they're going to give you value. If you don't offer them value, then the reason that your clinic isn't improving is you.

It's not them. You're crazy if you think that they're just going to implement your crap because you think it's the right move. You've got to give them something for this. 

If there's more work, there has to be more compensation for them. The compensation doesn't always have to be financial. You can give them recognition. There's a number of things you can do, but part of it should be monetary. Because if you're making money, your staff should be making more money.

You have to incentivize everything that you do, and see things from that other person's perspective. 

We get so crazy, as business owners. We make this huge mistake that we think that because we're implementing something, everybody underneath this is just going to do it. It's not how this works. You have to offer them something. You have to make them part of this process. You have to reward them for fixing the thing that you want fixed. 

If you're trying to implement something new, see it from the other person's perspective. Make sure that there's benefit for them. If it's the right move, it has to be done. 

There's a number of ways you can go about it. You don't have to lose staff over implementing a new system that might mean a little bit more work for them.

Instead of losing the staff, you can make it worth their while to implement. You can give them benefits for implementing. In order to do that you have to measure. "This where we are. This is where we want to get to. If we get there, this is the bonus that you're going to receive."

First, you’ve got to implement new stuff. Next, when you're doing it, make sure you're going about it the right way and that you're giving your staff what they deserve. 

You're not just trying to implement stuff and handing it to them and putting it on their plate and then wonder why it's not working, why you're not getting buy in. You've got to give somebody else something in the deal.

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