Don’t Get Caught in the Crab Bucket

Don’t Get Caught in the Crab Bucket

I just wanted to hop on here and talk about what I'm hoping for from this group. Something that I want to talk about that, not that anybody did anything wrong, not that anything happened. Let's just always make sure that we're here lifting one another up. But now, we don't always need to be right.

So what I want to talk about was the crab bucket effect. This is something that I learned from my wife’s graduation from nursing school years ago. I'd love to hear what you guys think about this person that was at my wife's commencement speech for nursing school. She started talking about the crab bucket effect in nursing school.

It can happen in physical therapy. The idea of the crab bucket effect is when you throw all the crabs in the bucket and they try to get out or climb up. When one crab starts to raise up and actually might make it out of the bucket there, the other crabs reach up and grab them, yanking it back down into the bucket.

So no crab ever actually makes it out of the bucket because all the other crabs are trying to use them by pulling them down to pull themselves up. They're pulling all the other crabs down to the bucket that are about to make it out because they're trying to pull themselves out.

If the crabs work together, they could easily make their way out of the bucket by lifting one another up. So in this group I want to make sure that that doesn't happen to us. I want this to be a group that lifts or brings people up and doesn't drag anyone down.

I'm in the SSPT group and that's what's happening there. I want that in here. I want everybody to lift everybody up.

So if you have a different opinion than somebody, that's fine. But you don't have to ram it down their throat. Let's just be nice with one another and say, “Hey, look. I understand why you're doing it. I just happened to disagree with you on this.”

But if it works for you, great and do it. Let's not be that crab bucket. Every time somebody starts to raise up, don't grab them and yank them back down. 

And with the rest of us, let's lift everybody up. Let's try to help other people get out of the crab bucket. All of us working together, we can take ourselves to a different place if we lift one another up and are there for one another.

I'm sure you guys see this and I'm sure everybody could share their story about the crab bucket - how when they see one person raising up starting to get out, trying something new, and getting great idea, people will tell them why it won't work, why it's not the right play, why you shouldn't do that, or why you shouldn't do things this way. Things that went and they argue and fight with the other person about what they're doing isn't right.

This brings to mind a quote from Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People: “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” And that's how it goes like, you never actually could convince anybody of anything.

They either are going to see it that way or they're not, and you're not going to convince them off. If they're dead set in their way, let's try to lift one another up. Let's not be the crab bucket, pulling every crab that's about to make it out back down into the bucket. 

Let's lift them up. Let's help them out.

Thank you guys so much for checking in. I really appreciate everybody coming on. And I honestly, I really appreciate everybody in this group. It's great. 

And I hope what I'm doing, what Jerry's doing, and what everybody else is doing in the group is helping one another out. Please feel free to hop on and share your story. Share your struggles.

Talk about home, having a hard time with some stuff, or having a rough day, share here and tell us what's going right or what's going wrong. Please be here. Let everybody know how we can benefit. 

How we can benefit one another? How can we help you? Let us hear about your wins so we can help lift you up. Let us hear about your losses or struggles so that we can all pick you up and help you through this because this isn't easy.

Business isn't easy. This profession definitely isn't easy anymore. Things have definitely changed over the last couple of years. And that's what I'm here. That's what I'm trying to do. 

I really want to share with you guys and can't wait to share with you guys that I really want this to be a place that people lift one another up, people help one another out, and people are there for one another to help one another through those rough times. Because they're going to happen.

Let's be nice to one another. Just because we have a disagreement, make sure that you won’t let it evolve into bickering or arguing or telling somebody that they're flat out wrong. Let's leave that on other groups. That's not what this place is for. 

I look forward to keep sharing with you, keep learning from you, growing with you, and taking all of our practices to the next level. 

Let me know if you guys ever need anything for me, have any questions, or if there's any way I can help.

Thank all you guys for stopping in. I really look forward to this, and it made me think SSPT is amazing. 

It's just an amazing principle about how people hold each other down with the crab bucket. Instead of lifting one another out, the crabs yank and pull back down those that are getting ready to get out. And I was just saying, I don't want that to happen to this group. 

I want us all to be nice to one another. I want us all to be lifting one another up if you got something. If you have to disagree with somebody, say “I respectfully disagree,” and leave it at that.

We're not beating one another up in this group. That is not what we're here for. We're here to lift one another up. 

Thank you guys so much for being a part of this group. Thank you guys for sharing with me.

Please feel free to post in the group.

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