Do You Really Want More New Patients?

Hello PT Business Builders group.

Back for another one today. 

What I wanted to share with you guys -- I wanted to kind of show you what we are working on here.

This is part of what we're doing currently. We are working on setting up some automation within your practice. Some automated things to gain past patients that maybe have completed their plan of care they're likely to return, they dropped off, they're likely to return.

I'm going to kind of compare and contrast. I'm not going to go into too much detail right now on the MailChimp end and on the Zapier end.

It literally takes 7, 8, 10 hours for me to show you how to do it and probably even longer for me to remember how to do it because honestly, I'm going to try to do it. 

I'm going to show you guys all of this, but it’s just so god awful. 

There's so much to it, it takes so long. 

I wanted to show you how easy it is in our software right now. 

(What I'm going to do is I'm going to show you my screen here and let's go this way.)

This is our marketing software.

I'm going to show you guys how to create a campaign. 

Basically all you do under your settings -- go under patient ring, engagement tool.

What we're going to do right now is we're gonna set up a campaign of how to do it. 

These are all automatically all set up, all your drop off, funnels, your intake script funnels, your verses and follow up. 

All of that stuff is already in the software, but I'm just going to show how to set up something new. 

(We're going to create something new.) 

I want to create a new campaign. Since it’s a new campaign, I'm going to give it a low back, we'll say back pain.

We're going to talk a likely return sequence. Our trigger, in MailChimp, and all of these other things. I have MailChimp up here.

In MailChimp and all these other things, Infusionsoft, you have to create a trigger.

These triggers or tags or something like that to make the automation work. Then you have to create lists.

And you have to maintain those lists, take people off and put them on the list to make sure that the appropriate people are on it. And the people that have already taken action come off of it. 

There's no real way to maintain that between your EMR and your software. (Well, I hated that.) 

That's why we kind of do what we did. 

Now likely to need a future treatment. We're going to create this. 

We wanted to come and say three months after they're done with therapy. Automatically, this is our pass score or our net promoter score. 

“How likely are you to refer to family and friends?”, this allows us to dowe in even more.

I guess you could technically do Mailchimp, it would be another layer, it would be one more thing you have to add. 

Another way, you have to segment the data, you would have to maintain it through Excel sheets with dropdowns and segment your data constantly to make sure that the right people are getting the right message. I'm going to select 9 or 10 because they want to refer to you and they want to send you a family or friends. 

We'll start with a ringless voicemail and that's the other thing with MailChimp or Infusionsoft, you can really only use email. If you're really in depth, you can use text messages, you have to do some Zapier integrations, we're talking 10, 12, 15 hours just to set this up (bare minimum) let alone the maintenance on it. 

The beautiful thing is this maintains everything for you. We'll use a ringless called Voicemail. 

Now, I can dial in since this is just back, I can dial in on these people just for their back. 

I don't want to use this script. Basically, I put a script in here. But so I click record here. (Click record.)

I'm gonna say, “Hey, this is Ray down at Bella Care. Hey, it's been about three months since I last saw you. I was just wondering how you were wondering how everything was going. I was also calling off you just a free brush up, visit the check. See how everything is, make sure that everything is going the way that we wanted to go. 

Hey, please let me know these spots are really limited and they fill up really fast. Hey, I'm sorry I missed you,”

And you click stop recording. And it's done. 

That section is done, then you click “Add next step.” 

I'll go through back pain then likely to return, trigger likely to return. 

Now since that one was at 90 days, I'll make this one at 92 days. Because I want to give them two days past restriction, 9 or 10. 

So you can ask these people for referrals, then I'll follow it up with a text message.

I’ve already got it in here but you just created so I always reference my previous call. Now, if you're trying to do something like with MailChimp, you have to import all that data. 

You have to actually and I was trying to go through this. I wanted to share all that information with you guys.

It is just too much, like it'll literally take me 15 hours to get just set up a MailChimp let alone set up the Zapier integration. 

Show you how to create the list, how to maintain the list. I just wanted to hop in real fast and show you how easy it is in ours.

I create that at a step. Now I add my next step -- I want to be an email. I want that one to be two 92 days. I want this one to be at 94 days past rejection and 9 or 10s email. 

Let's look back to it only goes everybody at the back problem. Email subject line. 

Then you put it in, we provide all these scripts. 

The beautiful thing about ours is you can actually eliminate their goals when playing with your grandchildren, it'll automate this process. 

These look like you actually type them out -- something that you really can't do with Infusionsoft or with a MailChimp or something like that. 

And the beautiful thing is, if this patient actually shows up in the clinic -- the campaign stops. 

You don't have to take them off the list. Nobody has to manage the list. 

You send this so I click Add step and it's done. 

However, I have this campaign already ready to set up and I can change it to likely return back pain, likely return. Maybe I'll make it,  I'll create a new one called “me.” 

Just delete that and  put “me” in. Go through the same steps or maybe I'll do a back pain that's either cannot change the past restriction to a seven or eight. These people I want to talk about changes and improvements. 

Now what we're doing is we're able to dial in specifically on your customer, and create customized messaging instead of just general stuff like you can do with Mailchimp. 

That was kind of all I wanted to show you guys. 

I just want to give you like a little taste to what I'm working on. What we're really trying to focus on. What we're trying to create here.  

Thanks for time. (Sorry about my dog, I'm sure you hear him) 

Hope everybody has a great afternoon. 

If you guys have any questions, please hit me up below -- questions, anything you guys want to see. 

Any way I can show you how we do this stuff. I'd be happy to share

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