Are you Marketing on Facebook or Google?

Are you Marketing on Facebook or Google?

Today, I want to talk about marketing.

Everybody looks at marketing and they think that the best places to do marketing are through Facebook, Google, Instagram, or through all of these new channels. Still, some people are doing old stuff: TV ads, radio ads, and print, and all of these are really missing the boat.

Talking about your leads and ads, working on Facebook ads, Google ads, and all of these leads are necessary. Don't get me wrong: it's necessary. But you're looking at the wrong place, like if you're looking to do the most effective thing, you can't grow your business.

Like the analogy, it's like staying home to ransack your couch to get money while you're skipping work. So skipping work to ransack your couch to get money doesn't make any sense. You're not getting as much money out of your account as you would go into work.

So here's what's going on guys: combined 92% of people will take a referral or a review from someone over ads of all kinds. That means 8% of people will trust those ads and 80% of your customers are coming from past patients. So you have literally less than 20% that are going to come from your app from ads.

If you're growing that portion of your business, even if you double that portion of your business, you're only looking at 10% growth maximum. That's all that is possible there. If you double it, you have 20% growth in your practice, while you ignore that 80% of the people that are sitting in your practice wanting to refer to you.

But you might just not be asking them. You like this whole thing. There's a mental shift that needs to happen here. For some reason, everybody's thinking that this has to be coming from leads from ads.

That's not the case. Anyone who owns a business will tell you they're number one, by far and away, nothing else even close ever. I don't care how much money you spend. Word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth will blow all the others out of the water and it won't even remotely be close. You won't come close. You can advertise all you want. It's one person to another.

That's what's going on. It's the Word-of-mouth. Everybody that comes in, they come in with a referral from someone else. Someone else told me about it. Somebody else who you've been.

This works exactly the same way in your physical therapy practice occupational therapy. I don't care what you do. Word-of-mouth is everything - you live by it or you die by it. You cannot advertise your way out of bad word-of-mouth.

Let me repeat that: You cannot advertise your way out of bad word-of-mouth. Nor can you buy your way into good word-of-mouth. The only way that you meet anyone else who could ever create that is through systems.

So how many of you are seeing people primarily from word-of-mouth? What percentage is your referrals? Just give me a percentage. Just a guesstimate. I know most people probably don't have numbers on this. But in my practice, over 85% of our people came from word-of-mouth. If I want to grow the additional 15%, I focus all my time and energy on growing the 15% while I ignore the 85%.

I'll tell you about statistics and research that's been going on. 92% of people trust referrals, word-of-mouth, and reviews such as Google reviews and Facebook reviews. Those reviews are the places that you can leverage these things bigger than anything else.

So maybe, somebody doesn't have a friend or family member that told them about it, that's where those can come in. That's why reviews are important. That's why you need to get reviews.

If you want a review machine for Google, check out our Aetas NPS free app for an iPad. You can use it. It'll get you Google reviews. It'll give people this word-of-mouth and help them overcome.

The other thing you need to do is you need to Identify your happy customers. You're happy customers want to tell other people about you. Why don't they? Some of them do. Some of them, don't.

The ones that don't, why don't they? Because you didn't ask. You miss 100% of the sales. You don't ask for it. If you're not asking someone to refer you, odds are they're not going to refer you anyone. So you've got to go out of your way to ask these people. You have to ask them to send you people.

If you don't, most people like me have other things on their minds. We're busy, we've got kids, we've got bills, we've got all this other stuff to worry about without thinking about my physical therapist if they have enough business or if their business is growing enough.

So you have to identify these people, the ones that you should ask, and then ask them. That Net Promoter Score is a great way to do that. “How likely are you to refer family or friend to us on a scale of zero to 10?” 9s or 10s actually want to send to people.

If you don't ask them, they don't send people to you. In a month or two, if you let them forget you when they're done with their treatment, they don't send anybody new. If you don't ask them to send you people, they're not sending you people. 

If you're not asking them to refer, they're not going to refer to you. Some of them will. But that's passive, right? So, if this is happening in your business and 80% of your new businesses are coming from past customers, what if you start asking and marketing to that 80% that is sending you?

So, 20% of the people that are in your clinic right now will send you 80% of your future business. Doesn't matter what industry you're in - physical therapy or occupational therapy - there's no difference. Pretty much them or retail sales, it's all the same.

20% of your people work for 80% of your future customers. What if you can move that to 30%? What happens is that the 80% doubles. So if you have a 50% growth in that, you grow your business by 40%, whereas if you have a 50% jump in your front ad marketing, you get a 10% growth.

Yet, we focus and spend so much time working on our Google ads and making sure that our targeting is dialed in and that everything is functioning exactly the way we want. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars for people to market this stuff for them. 

All the while, they ignore the patient that's sitting there and that is worth more than the person that they're paying. One good patient is worth more than the best marketer than you can ever pay. But only if you're doing it right.

They're not going to magically just jump up and say, “Hey, let me send Ray people.” It's not going to happen. They're not going to say, “Hey, let's go Bella Care today.” It doesn't happen.

You have to identify the happy ones and ask them if they know anybody that's exactly like them who might benefit from what they do but just not know about it. If you don't do it, you're never going to get it. 

So you've got to start creating systems. How do you make people that want to refer to you? You have to wow them. If I provide the same physical therapy services with the place down the road, why is my patient going to refer to me? You know, if I provide them basically the same surface, why would they refer to me?

If I add some new service to my clinic, say dry needling, and open down the street does dry needling, am I going to get people from that? Okay, a little bump. Am I going to get nearly what I could buy, create an experience for them, that blows them out of the water?

If they walk through the door, every day I talk to them about their own individual goals and if they're making progress, and the first time they see a physical therapy assistant or aid to them they've never seen before, they walk up and they start talking about their goals. The real thing they want to get from therapy, like playing with your grandchildren, if you talk to them about that real thing, this totally changes everything.

It has to be the same though every time, each person and each touch point in your practice has to be mapped out. You have to map that out. You have to make sure that every person is on message if one person is off message.

Then this isn't a routine or repeatable experience if it's not routine and it's not repeatable. It doesn't register with the patient. So if one person asks them, they just think it's a one-time thing. If everyone always asks them, I think it's a system. They think it's the way that you do business and they would be right.

But if you're not taking a look at your systems and seeing what is said at the front desk when they walk through the door, seeing what's happening when they're greeted by a therapist, a physical therapy assistant, an occupational therapy assistant, or whoever, if you don't know what or something is being said, you can't control it.

If you can't control it and you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

You have to have standardized systems for everything. What happens when they walk into the room, that should be the same. What happens on an evaluation, that should be the same. It doesn't matter if you lose that key therapist, you replace them with somebody else. The system still runs exactly the same because now, you have a system that is focused on their experience.

This is where the money is. This is going to be my focus in 2020: talking to you guys about systems to improve the experience and to grow your business more than the best marketing.

You can see, everybody's all over Facebook, selling marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, lead gen. Look, that will not work as well as your patients. Your current happy patients will refer you more than that times 10. They can't even come close. I can't even tell you how big of a leverage point this is.

Start looking at your system. Step one, start identifying how your practice is doing it right now. How is this working within yourself? The first thing to change is documenting your current way of doing, documenting how another therapist does it, who's doing it better, who's got a better cancellation or no-showing, and who's got a better referral rate. If you look at all of these things, it starts to become self-evident.

But you have got to put in the work in your practice. You have to put in that work and change your mindset. You have to change what you're doing. If you don't, you're never going to improve it.

You're going to keep throwing your money into the next whatever coaching adds, going on know guy, lead gen guy, whatever, and you're going to see some improvement but it's not going to be what you're looking for.

Your practice isn't going to grow to where you want to. I know guys. I tried. It doesn't work. It will help but it will never get you to where you want to go.

In order to get to where you want to go, you have to identify first the people that are watching and take you there, they're your happy customer. They are your biggest leverage point. They can get you more people than the best Facebook ad in the world.

And the base system behind that Facebook ad world, your happy customer will get you more 100%. I would love to talk with anybody that thinks otherwise. Because their research doesn't support all the data that's out there. Your happy customer is your best referral source.

Thank you everyone for stopping in. If you have any questions, please share them below and let me know. I will be more than happy to tell you what we've been working on. So this year, we're going to roll it out.

Check out our Physical Therapy (PT) Business Builders group. If you want to learn more about this, there's a lot of that going on in that group. We'd love to share stuff with you guys. We'd love to learn. We love to talk about this.

Thank you for watching the Physical Therapy Business Builders Show - where we believe EMRs suck, and that systems and software should actually improve your life not consuming. And here, the only measure of success is a practice that gives you the financial freedom to enjoy your life and that time to do that. Thanks everyone for checking in.

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